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Flavour Creations

Acacia Ridge Facility Refurbishment and Cannery Installation

Spanner Plumbing was chosen to take on the intricate task of refurbishing Flavour Creations’ Acacia Ridge facility while installing a new cannery within the existing structure. The undertaking was anything but straightforward—it involved the challenges of working with a PT slab on the ground, navigating rock formations, and installing a plethora of new utility lines. All within a tightly regulated environment where precision and safety were non-negotiable.

  • Complete refurbishment of an existing building
  • New cannery installation
  • Installation of a comprehensive tradewaste system, sewer pump-out station, hot and cold water lines, compressed air, and nitrate lines
  • Run a new cold water line through an operational warehouse

PT Slab Constraints
The PT slab on the ground posed a unique set of limitations. Cutting large sections of the slab was not an option due to the post-tension cables. This required out-of-the-box thinking and a unique excavation approach.

Manually-Intensive Work
Due to the PT slab and the need to preserve its integrity, we could not use regular excavation machinery. Every core and cut had to be carefully planned and executed manually.

Utility Installations
A new tradewaste system, complete with a grease trap and a sewer pump-out station, was required, alongside new lines for both hot and cold water, compressed air, and nitrate. The new cold water line had to be installed whilst the warehouse was operational.

Ingenious Excavation
A vacuum truck was employed to carefully navigate the delicate PT slab during excavation, avoiding any potential damage to the cables within.

Core Drilling and Small Cuts
Hundreds of cores and small cuts were made meticulously to ensure the slab remained structurally sound.

Utility Design & Implementation
Our team designed and installed a new tradewaste system with a grease trap and a sewer pump-out station. In addition, new utility lines for hot and cold water, compressed air, and nitrate were installed with extreme precision. A copper with press fitting system was employed for the water, and an S/S with press fitting system was used for the compressed air.

Despite the complexities and challenges, the project was executed flawlessly, ensuring that the Flavour Creations’ Acacia Ridge facility was both refurbished and equipped with a state-of-the-art cannery.

Our work at Flavour Creations’ Acacia Ridge facility exemplifies Spanner Plumbing’s commitment to delivering complex projects with high-quality results. By combining specialized equipment, expert engineering, and a problem-solving mindset, we have proven our capability to overcome unique challenges in commercial and industrial settings.

Flavour Creations

Tennyson Facility Refurbishment

Spanner Plumbing was selected as the specialized contractor for the extensive refurbishment of Flavour Creations’ live food processing plant in Tennyson. Our mission was not only to complete the refurbishment within a tight timeline but also to adhere to stringent safety and hygiene protocols. The complexities included ensuring zero dust and impurities in the air, working around live production lines, and minimizing disruption to factory operations.

  • Half of the factory was shut down for refurbishment
  • Use of electrical 2-tonne excavator, electrical concrete cutter, and electrical forklifts
  • Integration and modification of all existing services

Zero Tolerance for Fumes and Dust
In a live food processing environment, maintaining air quality was paramount. We utilized specialized equipment, including an electrical 2-tonne excavator, to ensure no fumes were emitted within the building during excavation and material handling.

Working Around Operational Constraints
Many of the cut-ins into existing services were meticulously planned for off-hours to avoid disruption to the ongoing production lines.

Tight Timeline
The project came with a demanding schedule, requiring seamless coordination between multiple trades, suppliers, and Flavour Creations’ own operational team.

Specialized Equipment
To meet the no-fume criteria, we deployed electrically operated machinery, including a 2-tonne electric excavator and concrete cutters.

Phased Execution
To synchronize with Flavour Creations’ production schedule, we employed a phased approach. This allowed for the safe and efficient execution of the project without compromising the client’s production output.

Expertise in Critical Environments
With our vast experience in hospital construction and factory shutdowns, our team was well-versed in maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and safety. This was crucial for Flavour Creations’ stringent quality requirements.

The project was completed on time, meeting all safety and quality standards. Flavour Creations now has a refurbished, state-of-the-art facility ready for increased production capabilities.

The Flavour Creations project at Tennyson demonstrated Spanner Plumbing’s prowess in delivering complex refurbishments under challenging conditions. Our tailored solutions ensured not just the functional efficiency but also the operational continuity of Flavour Creations’ critical food processing facility.

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